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Wise Regional Health System offers both inpatient and outpatient programs to treat a wide range of behavioral illnesses. Our professional staff is committed to providing comfort and restoring a natural balance to the lives of our patients.

Mental Health is an unseen, basic part of who we are, but yet something most of us take for granted. Often, it’s not until our mental health is challenged that we give it much thought. With the fast-paced lives that we lead, we all face elements of mental distress. It’s how we are able to deal with these challenges that either positively or negatively impact our mental health and overall well-being.

The staff at the Behavioral Health Services program at Wise Regional Health System understands the difficulties patients with behavioral disorders face and is committed to helping patients return to the highest quality of life possible, increasing their ability to function independently.

The Inpatient Program

Our 20-bed inpatient facility at Behavioral Health Services, provides comprehensive mental health services for patients in need of intense full-time treatment (emotional and behavioral problems). Our objective is to stabilize the patient in crisis, evaluate and diagnose the issue(s), and develop individualized treatment plans that promote the dignity and integrity of each patient.

Wise Regional’s staff of therapists, social workers, counselors and nurses coordinates services with our psychiatrist and psychologist to provide a variety of group, family and individual treatment modalities. These include psychotherapy, recreation and pet therapy, neuro-psychological testing, and medication stabilization. We also provide physical, occupational and speech therapy. Treatment options play an important role in helping patients enjoy fulfilling and productive lives, while encouraging a sense of competency and hope.

More Information

Please download the brochure below for more information about the Inpatient Program.

Inpatient Behavioral Health Brochure

The Pathways Outpatient Program

The Pathways Outpatient Program at Behavioral Health Services focuses on patients suffering from emotional, psychiatric or behavioral disorders and provides treatment in a daily, community-based outpatient setting where patients return to their homes each evening. We work to improve their quality of life by reducing distress and helping increase their ability to function independently through therapy in a comfortable, stable, and welcoming environment.

Although each patient receives individualized treatment, we work with patients in group-based therapies to give them the support of other clients and to alleviate the sense that they are alone in their struggles.

Pathways offers a day-time program aimed at treating mental health disorders, and an evening program aimed at treating substance abuse and related mental health issues.

More Information

Download the brochures below for more information about the Pathways Outpatient Program at Wise Regional Health System.

Pathways Outpatient Program Brochure (Daytime Program)
Pathways Outpatient Program Brochure (Evening Program)

Behavioral Health Locations

Behavioral Health
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