Medical Records

Medical Records

At Wise Regional Health System, one of our top priorities is to protect and secure the privacy of your health care information.

The Health Information Management department at Wise Regional Health System is ensures that patient medical records are complete, accurate, confidential and readily available for future patient care and clinical communication.

Your Medical Records

The Health Information Management (HIM) department stores and maintains all records for patients from the following locations:

  • Wise Regional Health System, Bridgeport Campus
  • Wise Regional Health System, Decatur East Campus
  • Wise Regional Health System, Decatur West Campus

These medical records include all inpatient, outpatient, and ancillary department records. HIM also transcribes all reports for the doctors, radiologists and consultants who come to our hospital.

Our records are readily available to assist our physicians on staff and the consultants whenever they are needed to ensure continuity of patient care. As well, if one of our patients need their records transferred to a specialist, we handle those requests too. We are required to have the patient or their legal representative to sign an authorization to allow us to release confidential medical information. HIM is responsible for requests for release of medical information.

Requesting Your Medical Records

To request medical records, please contact the Health Information Management department:

Health Information Management
Wise Regional Health System
(940) 626-4073
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday – Friday

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